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Appeal &  Donation

Donate to Darul Uloom Jais Dargah Makhdoom Ashraf Jais

We earnestly implore your generosity to help the poor children and orphans of our institution. We solely depend on your donations to carry on with our noble work. Please donate generously. Allah will reward you immensely, Insha-Allah. Please sponsor one child's education and boarding cost for the whole year which is only $300

How to help your loving institute.

1. You should be built a room in Institute.
2. You should take responsibility, the salary of a teacher.
3. You should regular donate Sadqua, Zakat & Qurbani’s Skin to Institution
4. You should take responsibility the expenses of any poor students of institute ($30 per month)
5. You should charity, books for library of the institution.
6. In the help the institution by Inviting your relatives and friends
7. For higher Islamic Education you admit your children in this institute.
8. Give us your value able suggestions.

Donation Payment Options:

1. You may send us your bank cheque by post
2. You may make a direct Bank Transfer
3. You may setup a Weekly or Monthly Standing Order
4. You may discuss how to donate by Contacting us

Our Bank Account Details:

Bank of Baroda
Jais Raebareli U.P.India
Title of Account
Idara Ahmadiaya Ashrafiya
Account No