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The Brief Introduction of Darul Uloom Jais Dargah Makhdoom Ashraf Jais

The outstanding and renowned historical town Jais at Raebareli in U.P. has been the centre of Art, Literature and Sufism with the high moral values in the past. It produced the universally dignified scholars, poets and philosophers who bestowed upon the world their moral grandeur and God-like virtues, achievements and blessings.

Renouncing the kingdom and picking out the kingship, the guide to the-kind Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangeer Simnani, graced the town with his pious feet by performing a forty-day highly steamed prayer(Chilla) to God to the south of the town and enriched the area by his sacred guidance and moral light, grace old blessings during his stay there.

In Jais, there of dozens of Sadaats’ families (Off sprig of Prophet Mohammad swalallaho alaihi wasallam) from the hires of the above mentioned morally elevated personality, is Allama syed Naim Ashraf Ashrafiul Jilani Jaisi, whose family is well recognized for its divine splendor and highness. The literary contributions, sacrifices and dedications the human services and noble tasks of this family are whole-heartedly accepted and appreciated in the nation as well as in the foreign strand too.

The most honored Shaikhe Tariqat Syed Naim Ashraf felt the need of a religious collage (Darul Uloom) in the Town or in the nearly places since the long time. He often pointed out to this outlook in the personal meetings and talks. Consequently, his son, Maulana Syed Qaseem Ashraf (Hasan Miyan) fully devoted to the Muslims society and the country, founded this Darul Uloom

In 1416 Hijri, in the vast and wide compound, full of graces and blessings of Hazrat Makhdoom Ashraf ,the foundation of this highly graced and elevated Darul Uloom was laid by sacred hands of Syed Maulana Qasim Ashraf (Hasan Miyan)s,God-blessed.

By the kindness of Allah, being related to the extremely venerated name of Syed Makhdoom Ashraf , it is a boon that the Idara (this great institution) continued the constant rising and going up . By the pleasure of Allah, today the Darul Uloom Jais is well recognized and identified as a good –managed institution in the area by the public. This is the reason why from each and every corner of the country, near about 250 students from the different provinces UP, Bihar, Bengal , Rajasthan, MP, and Jammu Kashmir Are getting the noblest education. For their sake, there is the best management of teaching the DARSE NIZAMIA (the syllabus of Alimiat) Intonation (Qirat) Hifz (learning the Quran by heart), Math, English and The primary classes. Dozen of the experienced, talented and the learned teachers are teaching them with at most care and labor, through the day and night so that the children of Islam may be flourished with light of art, literature and morality.

Brothers and sister of Islam! Darul Uloom Jais Ahmadia Ashrafia Jais, is religious literary and reformative association. Truly speaking, this religious, spreads its perfumed and fragrant rays over the east, west, south and north. This lamp of godliness is perfectly bighting in the fierce storms and tempest. The lamp of education and knowledge can never be out amidst the terrifying and the heart – scorching winds. This institution of yours is not based on the old tradition of the teaching methods but is the neater of religion and recent needs and demands of education. It touches and fulfils the old and recent values of education and culture.

The Darul Uloom Jais has its universal aim. It’s products should be both the experts of religion and recent education. They should hoist the flag of religion and recent education and concepts a like in the stormy blasts.

May it get the zenith of progress and rise in the field of education and humanity.
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