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Baiat (Covenant)

It is a prevailing method of great Islamic scholars (Akabreen –e-Islam) to attach and adhere with some learned spiritual personality for the sake of spiritual training and inner success. Out of different aspects of adherence, Bait is also one of the processes of adherence.

However, there are some pre-requisites, whoever possesses the following four qualities are eligible to have Bait, to guide people.

1) He should have correct creeds up belief (sahi aqeeda).
2) His pedigree adjoins with the Holy prophet Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).
3) He should be a learned scholar of Islam.
4) He should not commit any sin openly.

With the grace of Allah,Hazrat Maulana Sayed Qaseem Ashraf Hasan Jilani possesses is having all the above mentioned qualities. Therefore to choose him for Bait will definitely be a better selection. He is a personality, who assists other scholars and religious leaders their in religious matters. Mufti Mohammad Akmal Sahab is entitled for the caliphate and having permission of Bait from all the four enchainment, Qadria, Chistia but generally he prefers silsila-e-Chishtiya Bait. Whoever asks to have Bait with him, at first he advise them to join with any active religious scholar or Mufti first, however if somebody insists him then he agrees for his Bait. Ladies and gentlemen, those who are desirous to have Bait with him, should send their complete information. Insha Allah after Bait process, Shajra and Wazaif will be sent to them.

If you are already attached with some Peer o Murshid and have Bait with someone then you can become the ‘Talib-e- Faiz’, you have to mention Mureed or Talib to clarify it.

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